March 1, 2010

Guest Blogger: Alexis at Fern & Feather + Giveaway...

Hello Walking Around, I am Alexis from Fern & Feather. I’m so thrilled to share a list of my favs with you all. In honor of Sarah’s lovely blog I thought that I would share my thoughts on “What's going on ~ What to wear ~ What to eat ~ What to listen to ~ What to buy ~ Where to go ~ What to read ~ Things to do & Things I love.”

Plus I have a little giveaway. Leave a comment and Sarah will pick a lucky winner to receive 10 ft of Perky Pennants from my little shop. {}

I love everything about this incredible artist from Laguna Beach. Her paint is like icing on a cake and completely encapsulates a Southern California beach scene. I dream of one day taking a workshop from her. This year she is holding workshops in NC, CA, WY, NY & MD.

I usually have 10 minutes to get ready in the morning {start to finish} so my everyday look consists of skinnys, a sweater, flats, and a scarf. {Skinnys, Sweater, Flats, Scarf} 

WHAT TO EAT {Drink}:
Lillet; over ice + a slice of orange + a warm day = heaven

Herve Chapalier bags for Travel. For an overnight all of your things will fit nicely in one bag and if it is a two week trip to Europe it can be neatly folded and tucked into a pair of boots for extra loot on your way home.

WHAT TO LISTEN TO: Anything & everything Arcade Fire. It has been on repeat in the Art Barn {for weeks}.

I am completely smitten with the ACE Hotel and Swim Club. I cannot wait to get back to have a Sweet Tea Vodka in the sun.

My grandmother still writes me letters. She tells me what she has been up too, a friend she had for tea, an update on her health and usually a line about missing all of us. I love reading those notes.

Organize your books by color. I feel like it is so easy for book shelves to get boring and although it may be more difficult to find a book, it looks so good.

I met my husband when I was 14; after college, a cross country move, some serious shenanigans and 10 years. I realized the love of my life was always there. Now we have a little guy name Henry and life is full of love.


by Sutton said...

what a cute post idea. I love all of Alexis' picks! And the letters are my fave - I shared the same connection with my grandparents... it was truly special!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Ashley said...

oh! what to love was my favorite part. Made me teary ;) xo

bink and boo said...

Loving the Lillet over ice with a slice of orange, but I really love the little story about you and the Mr.

Breenuh said...

I am obsessing over that bunting!!!

Destination Inspiration said...

GREAT post - you introduced me to so many things here that I hadn't heard of before. Including the travel bag, which is appropriate as I'm planning a two week Euro-trip this year! And I love your love story...that's the kind of thing they write movies about

Sarah Engel said...

thanks for your lovely comments:) we're picking a winner today! xo

Unknown said...

This was a lovely read :)

Loved hearing how you met your husband at age 14....and I have never heard of Lillet.....must investigate that :)

Great post!

Nicole {Coastal Family Living} said...

I always love your picks! They are so creative, things I would never think of, Lillet over ice with a lime! Yum! The love part was my fave though!!!! The connection with your Grandma is amazing, so special! XOXO