February 26, 2008

Beer Enthusiasts...

With St. Patty's day around the corner, one might be looking for the top 100 rated beers on planet earth. Or maybe you'd like to learn how to taste beer, home brew, or the know history of beer? To find answers and join discussions, you can log onto or subscribe to Beer Connoisseur Magazine or Beer Advocate Magazine. Of the top 100, I was not familiar with many, with the exception of Guinness (the St. Patricks Day favorite) and Samuel Smith's.

Also, you can support the non-profit organization whose mission is to help bring the highest quality of beers to Alabama...Free the Hops.

*Note, that Irish bishops moved the date of St. Patrick's Day in 2008 because of conflicting with a holy day. Saturday, March 15th will mark this year's celebratory festivities.

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