February 20, 2008

Birthday Bash...

I'm the odd man out, my birthday falls in September, my four other siblings (one missing from this pic)...all have back to back birthdays except on leap year! As they are all married with children now, celebrations can be challenging to finagle. This year, Saturday rules!
Here is a birthday party plan with a few creative devices...

Saturday morning:
Hot chocolate, mimosas & homemade glazed donuts at the country club paddle courts.
Mixed doubles paddle tennis tourney. (Teams dress in a theme & bundled - it may snow...)
Winners take home the prize!

Later, warming up by the fire we'll spend the afternoon at my parents home. As a request of one of my brothers we will be watching old childhood movies taken years ago and looking at old pictures. My mother segmented our pictures years ago into our own individual piles from baby pictures to college graduation and every awkward stage in between...

Saturday evening:
Set up a casual buffet style dinner with decorations, plates...

On the menu...
Oysters with Champagne-Vinegar Mignonette
Spinach Salad with Warm Apple Cider and Bacon Dressing
Steak with Shallot Merlot Sauce
Spiced Butter glazed carrots
Honey Butter French Bread
Fudgy Chocolate Birthday Cake

And don't forget to blow out the candles!

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