February 12, 2008

The Chocolate Tradition...

In my neighborhood, I can sit at the Chocolate Bar to satisify my sweet tooth. But if the guilty pleasure is not just down the street try these treats for Valentine's day:

Handmade artisan chocolates that use organic chocolate from France, this 16 piece Signature Valentine Collection of treats from Oliver Kita is heaven.

A box of chocolate hearts from
Woodhouse Chocolate, handmade in the Napa Valley.

M&Ms that say I LOVE U!

Godiva's Chocolate Lover's Tower.

And if that's not enough sweet bliss, than dip yourself into a bath of chocolate, literally. At none other than the Hershey Hotel, you can choose anything you like on a list of spa treatments from a Whipped Cocoa bath to a Chocolate Fondu Wrap, ranging from $40 to $160.

How sweet it is!

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