December 11, 2008

Food of the Month Clubs...

Zingerman's has it all. This online mail-order food company offers a selection of everything from cheeses, olive oils, brownies, coffees, meats and more from around the world. Who doesn't love food?

My go-to, the 'American Beauties' list of cheeses is to to die for...If you can't decide, join their Cheese of the Month club. A selection of the best from Europe and America. Each week, a box filled with three hand-cut choice cheeses from a selected region (each with their own description and history), and a loaf of homemade bread - will arrive at your doorstep. Don't stop there, join these clubs too...

Bacon Club, Brownie Club, Coffee Club

Next time your stumped for the perfect present...choose from their selection of full-flavored gifts! And if you're ever in Ann Arbor, Michigan, stop by their Delicatessen, Bakehouse or Steakhouse.

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