February 15, 2008

S'more please...

While the campfire style S'mores are delish. You don't have to wait until the next time you pitch a tent and build a fire...You can make melt in your mouth gourmet treats at home in your kitchen.

I like to substitute the graham cracker sometimes for homemade cookies. Start with the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I posted on Feb. 11th.

Then pick up some marshmellows. Better than the generic store bought are Plush Puffs. A few ways to toast the marshmellows, are over a grill, over your gas stove, in the oven in a glass baking pan on low (watch closely), or over a fondue flame. Using chocolate, or minted chocolate, when the marshmellow is still warm, layer the bottom cookie, then chocolate, then gooey marshmellow and cookie top.

For extra decadence, you could add a small slice of banana, spoonful of peanut butter or butterscotch sauce between the cookies.

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