February 13, 2008

What to buy a boy...

I honestly have always struggled buying my father, brothers, and boyfriends gifts. It seems to be that if guys want something, they buy it for themselves. I have had my creative moments of gifting, but it's been a challenge. Not so with little baby boys, there are a plethora of things to spoil and adorn the bundles of joy...and none of them are made of snaps or snails or puppy dog tails.

Since many of my friends are having baby boys and I have 5 nephews so far, I have tracked down a few of my favorite things.

Jack & Lily slip on leather shoes.
Bla-Bla's Leopold the Lion doll.
Alphabet wall canvas.
Wall letters from Luca Bleu.
Tutti Bella vintage rock & roll onesie.
Ralph Lauren mesh polo coverall.
Comfy cargo pants from Tea.
Dwell cashmere helicopter blanket.
Barefoot Dreams hooded towel set.
Trilogy Navy wool pea coat.
Gymboree's baby boy seersucker shorts.
Disovery's lullaby light show lamp.
Baby Einstein's first sounds video.

And if I could shrink anything J.Crew for a baby boy, I would in a heart beat, but they don't have a clothing line for newborns...not till their grown up, and hopefully that doesn't happen too fast!

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