March 18, 2008

Non-conflict diamonds...

Unfortunately, retailers around the world continue to sell conflict diamonds from Côte d'Ivoire, in West Africa, and Liberia - they are still reaching the trade, labeled as conflict-free diamonds. It is up to each consumer individually to request proof, a guarantee of it's origin. As an alternative, Canadian diamonds are being mined in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and Canada has made progress in identifying diamonds originating in its mines. The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Authenticating Canadian Diamond Claims sets a standard for authentication of claims that a diamond is Canadian -- and therefore conflict free. Adhering to The Code requires each company to initiate a paper trail that tracks a diamond's progression from the mine to its retail destination. The Code also includes rules for proper handling, packing and marking of all diamonds that are represented as Canadian stones. Even with the guidelines, there's no way to absolutely guarantee a diamond is Canadian, but the process definitely helps eliminate doubt.

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