March 13, 2008

RedHerring still exists...

Back in the day, before the bubble burst. I used to sit way way south of Market in San Francisco, next to the Potrero Hill Brewing Company (which no longer exists, but has a really interesting page of detail online) - in a modern built-out warehouse style building with foosball tables, high-tech conference equipment and brilliant young editors. I used to park daily for free, have a few catered lunches, have afternoon breaks at Mission Cliffs, plan elaborate events at 5 star hotels, have a press pass entrance into any tech launch party in the valley, (which by the way always gave away bags and bags of free 'branded' schwag ie: palm pilots) and read about 400 business plans per month on everything from semiconductors to biotech to media. I wrote company profiles for the magazine RedHerring. It was semi-short lived, young and underqualified glory... by round 8 of layoffs - I was cut. Shortly thereafter the pages folded, which the Valleywag deathwatch had speculated for months. When the doors closed and editors scattered, it was a sad day. The magazine did attempt to re-launch in print in 2004, but folded again in 2005. Much to my happines, it still exists in its daily online digital form at Which I love, mainly because I know the passion that existed and still does for the editors who once ran it, and who will always contribute and because they were the 'good old days'.

*The name Red Herring is a reference to the practice of calling a preliminary investment prospectus a "red herring" as a warning to investors that the document was not complete or final. The name reflects the publication's mission: providing a first look at the companies and trends that are shaping the business of technology.

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