May 1, 2008

More Green Moms...

The Green movement is making incredible strides all over the globe. One notable newcomer is Chrstine Gardner (my friend Monica's cousin). What began as a research project for her 8 year old daughter’s school, has developed into a research and blog website, specifically aimed at mother’s who want to “green” their lives. More Green Moms launched last week. Relevant to all, it provides literature, best practices, and other helpful resources. Christine says eloquently:

"The story is relevant to all people, whether you are a parent or a pet owner, a Californian or a New Yorker, a male or a female, a conservationist or a voracious consumer, because as Americans, we are linked by a common vulnerability to lax protective measures and loose safety standards that are proving to place us all in harm’s way. It’s so very hard to figure out where the hazards lie and how we can better safeguard ourselves against them. If nothing else, my hope is that this work might catalyze a broader quest for a national demand to protect our people and our natural resources from irreparable damage. Clearly, with the rising rates of obesity, infertility, autism, cancer and a myriad of other ills, we are already paying dearly for our reckless living. But what I find most tragic is that so many of us are skipping along a bright path of ignorance. My sunny journey ended only last summer when I began to truly understand what was at stake in the battle for the American wallet."

A wonderful and compassionate mission statement that will hopefully help to spread awareness and further each of our communities' positive environmental efforts. I admire her initiative!
Also, you can go to TIME magazine's weekly column on the environment.

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