May 21, 2008


WILDBERRY is bringing it's own unique twist to the yogurt craze of the nation. Opening its first location on May 23rd on Water Street in Warren, RI! The addictive tart and tangy yogurt (much like the Pinkberry fav of LA and New York City) comes with toppings like fresh fruits, berries, granola, nuts and candy. On opening day Wildberry is giving away free samples between the hours of 1:00-4:00pm to their facebook friends only! Their homemade, healthy, ZERO fat yogurt is the perfect snack and healthy enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Located on 335 Water Street in Warren, next to Blount Clam Shack. Lookup Wildberry Treats on facebook to become a friend and find out updates for summer 2008 and pass on the news!

Congrats to my sister Michaela for all of her hard work to make Wildberry happen. XO

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