August 7, 2008

Off to college...

That was a long time ago for moi! Much to my disbelief, I have a niece who has grown up beautifully right before my eyes and his heading off to college in a few weeks. An early start to get ready for the Field Hockey season. She's a fan of the blog and in honor of are a few things to get in preparation of dorm life!

A few things for the College Checklist:

Hot pot
Other items you will need - all the school supplies: notebooks, pens etc.., for dorm room, trash can, long mirror, laundry detergent, tape and tacks and hammer and nails, extension cords, clothing hangers, tv, alarm clock, drying rack, folding canvas hanging storage, dust buster, fan, flashlight, umbrella, bottled water, fridge, pillow top mattress, bookshelves, picture frames, trunk with lock, pillows, robe, and anything else you can fit in your parents car in bulk, like paper towels, snacks, bottled water, shampoo, soap and all.
And remember...many of the trademark things that only come with age and making mistakes, in a famous speech called Wear Sunscreen.

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