August 4, 2008

Olema Inn...

Just an hour north of San Francisco is a beautiful quaint, quiet town on the coast of Point Reyes seashore. I have camped, dined, hiked, kayaked, swam and laised at many of the local gems. The Olema Inn in particular is my second fav, next to Manka's, (which is under reconstruction after a 2006 fire in the lodge).

The Inn has 6 rooms and a large dining room that feels rustic and warm, even in it's newly restored glory. It's romantic charm matches the fanstastic food. Olema Inn is where I had the best burger in my entire life! On a crisp winter day December. And I can't even begin to describe how yummy the oysters are or how delicious the butterscotch bread pudding with homemade ice cream tri will just have to take my word for it. Using all local and organic products, the chef never dissapoints.
Here is a peek at the Oyster selection:
Royal: Caviar & Lemon Zest
Classic: Champagne Mignonette
Felonious: Tobiko, Sauvignon Blanc
Tomato: Spicy Tomato Water & Seeds

Dizzy: Bacon, Mushrooms
Serafine: Swiss Chard, Fennel, Herbs
Basil: Herb Butter, Bread Crumbs
Roasted Garlic: Horseradish, Cracked Pepper

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