September 24, 2008


I rarely write about anything personal. But this it would be selfish not to share tips for getting healthy and getting in shape. It sells millions of magazine covers every day because sometimes for better or for worse, we slip, metabolism changes, we get busy with events that tempt us with sweets and libations...and since I just turned a year older and had an exceptionally 'fun' summer, I'm on a massive plan to take off a few of the extra pounds and fit into the ever so coveted 'skinny jeans' once again.

I tried this last February and it is great and you end up having a ton of energy. Also, with running, bikram yoga and a few hikes, I think I'll be in good shape! So here it is:

The Ultra Metabolism Diet. I read it, didn’t follow recipes completely, but got the basic concept down – Mark Hyman – has two books on

It was hard the first two days actually, but then I never had more energy after that and was into it...

Try the following for 8-14 days:
· I cut out dairy (no eggs, milk, cheese, mayo etc)…no artificial sugars, transfat, white carbs (no bread, pasta)…no alcohol but no soda (for first week, not even diet), no juice
· Can drink, water, green tea.
· Daily, for breakfast, I’d have fruit, or if I wanted to fill up during the day I would make a fruit smoothie (with soy milk & ice). The more berries the better, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry – also melon, grapes, banana, apples etc…
· For lunch I’d have salad with chicken or shrimp, or veggies or a soup, but soup can be loaded with stuff, so I was picky.
· For dinner, fish (salmon, tilapia, halibut – no tuna or swordfish), can have lobster, mussels, clams, chicken, veggie burgers, turkey burgers, or lean turkey for snack, lamb if you want. (no burgers or steak, no sausage)
· Can have brown rice, spices, beans, nuts – eat throughout the day(unsalted cashews, almonds, pine nuts etc…), use olive oils, vinegars, garlic, lemon, a little mustard, hummus, fresh salsa, all natural peanut butter etc…
· Best veggies to eat were brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, spinach, asparagus, edamame, onions, tomatoes, celery, carrots
· Take 2000 MG Flax Seed Oil supplements a day.
· Buy protein powder (better if soy) and use that in shakes.
· For dessert – I ate soy fudge bars, thought they were going to be gross, but they were delish.
· Eat breakfast, eat snacks throughout day (nuts or veggies with hummus), turkey rolled up, apple, shake. And eat dinner earlier…make sure you get protein, fiber every day.
· And exercise – not even much needed (like 45 min)– just a little weights, biking, walking, yoga or running 5 days a week.

In week 2, 3, 4 – I can add a few things back like eggs, low fat cheese, diet soda, red wine etc...

*In week 1 I allowed myself 1 day where I had 1 glass of red wine. And one cheat day, where I couldn't have any of the above, but I could drink out at dinner or an event, beer, or whatever you like.

Also, go to - they have listings of classes all over the US. Remember to not eat right before.

Good luck;) Happy health.

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