October 10, 2008

Raw: Jewelry in the Rough...

After moving to Italy, RAW founder and designer, Jessica Ricci, was inspired after finding an Italian version of a New Age store that displayed the stones used for crystal healing. She found that the beauty of these stones - typically intended for keepsakes in your purse or pockets, was meant for more... Jessica decided to blend their life balancing attributes with glamour. "So, as the flash of an amethyst cocktail ring enters the room, so might a feeling of purity and balance fill the body."

*All of Raw Rings contain untreated gemstones. The stones have not been enhanced, dyed heated, gamma radiated, lasered or infilled. In order to keep a traditional aspect for everyday use, they have been cut into three shapes: octagon, round and oval. No stone will be alike.

Congrats Jess;)

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