January 28, 2009

Don Draper...

I heard Mad Men was cool, but for me it was when John Hamm hit Saturday Night Live with his infamous 'How to be Don Draper' skit (guidelines below) that got me hooked on the character. Hats off to my west coast cousin and her husband, who were way ahead of the game and had a fabulous Mad Men themed New Years' bash with all their friends.
step 1
when in doubt, remain silent
step 2
when asked about your past, give vague open ended answers
step 3
have a great name
step 4
look fantastic in a suit
look fantastic in casual wear
look fantastic in anything
sound good
smell good
kiss good
strut around with supreme confidence
be uncannily successful at your job
blow people away anytime you say anything
take six hour lunches
disappear for weeks at a time
and so on...

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