February 3, 2009

Blue Hill Farms...

You had me at...40 minutes outside the city. Blue Hill Farms, on the old Rockefeller estate, 30 miles up the Hudson River, in Pocantico Hills, New York is a perfectly green place to drive for dinner or settle for a long weekend brunch. I'll leave behind the hustle and bustle any day! With Normandy inspired barns built in the 1920s, the restaurant stands out in the countryside and has been renovated into a cozy space. The famous, Chef Barber, whips up a menu of fresh - in season - fare. Nibble on lobster salad, sweet peas, poached wild salmon, baby lamb or duck breast. You'll want to relocate just after a bowl of cooling rhubarb soup with a minty spoonful of fromage blanc sorbet floating on top. It's worth the trip.

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