May 19, 2009

Daily Nutrients...

I'm definitely not known in my family as the health conscious one...however, as I get older, I am paying more attention to what I am putting in my body and looking and feeling my best! Real Simple talks about the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals you need to maintain good health.

Calcium Recommendation: 1,000 milligrams a day. Benefits: Bone health. Sources: Dairy products; fish with bones; dark, leafy greens.
Fiber Recommendation: 25 grams a day. Benefits: Protects against coronary heart disease and reduces the risk of diabetes. Sources: Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains.
Magnesium Recommendation: 310 to 320 milligrams a day.Benefits: Helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function and develop and maintain bones.Sources: Nuts, seeds, bran, halibut and other fish.
Potassium Recommendation: 4,700 milligrams a day.Benefits: Helps maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce the effects of salt; may reduce the risk of recurrent kidney stones and possibly decrease bone loss.Sources: Potatoes, tomato paste and puree, white beans, yogurt, soybeans, bananas.
Vitamin A Recommendation: 2,310 international units a day.Benefits: Important for vision, red blood cell production, embryonic development, and immune function.Sources: Organ meats; orange vegetables; green, leafy vegetables.
Vitamin C Recommendation: 75 milligrams a day.Benefits: Acts as a disease-fighting antioxidant; may help to maintain a healthy immune system.Sources: Fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, red and green peppers, kiwis, and guavas.
Vitamin E Recommendation: 15 milligrams a day.Benefits: Acts as a disease-fighting antioxidant; may support eye health.Sources: Some ready-to-eat cereals, some oils, almonds, peanut butter.

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