May 4, 2009

Flex Mussels...

Follow the motto on the menu: “Find the shortest, simplest way between Earth, the hands and the mouth.” And make your way uptown to my new Upper East Side favorite - Flex Mussels, inspired by Prince Edward Island locale. I personally have missed west coast Hog Island Oyster Depot in Point Reyes - a place where you could casually dine on salty oysters and fresh seafood at picnic tables on the water. Now this may not rival the outdoor scenery, but the taste is remarkable. Last night a dozen oysters and 2 buckets of mussels fed three to filling up! Try to save room for their delicious donuts with vanilla bean dipping sauce. Get there early, this place gets packed in a flash and don't forget to notice your waiters T's - "flexual healing" "metro flexual" and a number of other funny puns.

A few of there famous Mussel dishes...
THAI curry coconut broth, lemongrass, coriander, lime, garlic, ginger
PROVENÇAL tomato, basil, saffron, orange zest, pernod, garlic, white wine
SOUTHERN bourbon, mustard, roasted corn, country ham, cream
SPANIARD chorizo, sweet peppers, spanish olives, red wine, tomatoes
BISQUE lobster, brandy, tomato, garlic, cream
MAINE lobster, smoked bacon, corn, white chowder, parsley

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