May 21, 2009

Preppy Dorm...

First of all, I'll start by saying, this is not how my dorm room looked! In fact, there were not only bunk beds, but if I can recall, I painted a sign that said "Peace, Love & Good Vibes" that hung on the wall (my former preppy/hippie days - vs. the grunge/hippie), on the opposite wall above the convenient sink located in our room was a poster of Brad Pitt from Legends of the Falls. I laugh out loud thinking about this...really, there are no words. SO, you can imagine my envy when I spotted this months' NY Magazine article of Maximilian Sinsteden’s dorm's PREPPY like Uber Preppy - he has a flair for 'eclecticism' and color. Recently, as a senior in college still, Max completed his first commissioned interior design gig.

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