July 24, 2009

39 Days of Summer....

I can't believe it's almost August, time flies and there's so much fun to be had. I was reading a list by Zooey Deschanel in SELF magazine on 'Tips For Summertime Fun' while I was commuting to work the other day and I loved it! So I was inspired to create my own guide to making it count and getting the most of the 39 days left of summer. What are your favorite things?

1. Buy a new sundress and sunglasses and (wear flip flops everyday;)
2. Buy a delicious smelling sunscreen (creamsicle or coconut are my fave)
3. Take a walk on the boardwalk (in your local beach town) and play a few amusement games!
4. Drink a glass of ice cold homemade lemonade in the shade while reading a book
5. Wear a big beach hat
6. Take up paddle boarding
7. Play croquet and drink south sides
8. Throw a clambake
9. Fly a kite
10. Go to an outdoor concert
11. Play mini-golf
12. Go on a sunset boat cruise
13. Make a summer playlist of all your favorite songs
14. Watch a polo match
15. Go strawberry picking
16. Drink a bottle of cold Rose with friends
17. Have a backyard bbq
18. Fall asleep on a hammock
19. Go see a sappy romantic movie in an air conditioned theater on a humid day
20. Restring your tennis racket and hit the courts for a friendly match
21. Ride your bike all day long and then come home and eat watermelon
23. Visit your local farmers market and get fresh heirloom tomatoes to make a salad
24. Sit on the beach and play backgammon and bocce
25. Visit a friend's beach house!
26. Rent a kayak for the day and go exploring
27. Have a beach bonfire and sing songs on the guitar and make s'mores
28. Go on a roadtrip and camp out under the stars
29. Try waterskiing
30. Eat lobster and corn on the cob
31. Watch fireworks
32. Go fly fishing
33. Plant flowers in the garden
34. Go on a long hike in the mountains
35. Go to a baseball game and drink a cold beer
36. Eat ice cream and frozen yogurt after dinner or for dinner;)
37. Go swimming in the ocean and ride the waves - afterwards take a shower outside
38. Go rafting on a lazy river
39. Take pictures and make a summer photo album;)


IRENE said...

Beautiful list!I am inspired!Have an enjoyable summer.

Raji said...

Such a cool listt...
Have funn crossing things off :)