August 6, 2009

Blogger Interview: Why We Blog #1...

Lately I've been thinking about why I started blogging and grew curious as I surfed my favorite sites, and linked to my favorite did this begin? Why do we blog? I know my story, but I wanted to hear from the ladies who inspire me, to see what inspires them - and what led them to the blogspot to speak and share! I'll be sharing many more to come, first up, Christine from Journeys of Mangonett, she chronicles her current home decor and fashion obsessions and I just love her 'Image of the Day' series. Thank you so much Christine!
What Inspires You? I'm inspired by new ideas. I love seeing the creative things that others have done whether it be in decorating their home, what outfit they felt like wearing that day, or even what recipies they've tackled. It inspires me to take chances in my own life and have fun with the little things. I'm also inspired by my fellow bloggers, its amazing the amount of creativity that is out there and I'm happy just to be a little part of it.

What led you to begin the journey of blogging? I began blogging soon after my husband and I were married. I began perusing the internet looking for anything and everything that could point me in the right direction. Everything from decorating our home, managing household finances, to learning how to cook... you name it, I was reading it. As time went by, I kept finding all of these amazing blogs and sites that just inspired me so much that I just had to talk about it somehow. So, I started a blog! Now my blog has become sort of my little creative brain-child. Like many bloggers out there, its my creative outlet, a place where I'm able to write about everything that inspires me and what's happening in our lives.
What is an amazing thing that happened to you because of blogging? I have met so many amazing people! So many people that although I have never actually met them before, I just can't help myself from cheering out loud at my computer when I read that they have done something wonderful. Truly amazing to me is that fact that others enjoy reading Journeys of Mangonett and all of the great e-mails and comments I've been receiving. I'm truly thankful!

What's your day job? Research Associate (a.k.a Lab Nerd Extraordinaire!)

What is your dream job? I'm actually still trying to figure that out...hopefully I'll discover it soon!

What's a little tidbit about you? I'm 25 years old living in South Florida with my husband of 1 year. Eventually we hope to own a home of our own one day, but for now we are living cozy and comfy in our 3 story townhome that we call "our humble abode". As for me, I'm pretty laid back and have the uncanny talent to memorize movie lines at the drop of a hat (Yep, I can speak right along with Zoolander...Bluesteel face and everything). I love surrounding myself with family and friends, and I try to learn at least one new thing everyday. Sounds like a simple thing, but I promise if you try it, you'll never be disappointed!

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