August 21, 2009

Blogger Interview: Why We Blog #7...

Barb, author of Knack, repurposes beautiful found objects in her studio and shares design inspiration on her blog daily. She has amazing style!

What inspires you? Transformations

Why did you began blogging? To create an online journal/ portfolio of my work for my family mainly, and hoped in the back of my mind that others would take notice ;)

What is an amazing thing that happened to you because of blogging? A truly awesome and amazing support group of friends and like minded creatives that excites and inspires me daily.

What is your day job? Working in my studio creating custom pieces of furniture and buying home accessories to complete the knackage package! It is my dream job!

What is a little tidbit about you? I am 35...mother of two...married to the most awesome dude for 15 my converse tennis water bottles....mike and ikes....swedish fish....chai tea....the smell of paint, sherwin williams paint brushes, puffy vests, movie night, calzones.......and I better stop there or I would go on forever..... ;)


cathi said...

Love your Blogger Interviews - it gives me a insight into why other women started blogging..Enjoy the weekend!

knack said...

thank you so much for this post was fun to do....and boy do I ever sound like a goofball ;).....

.....have a great weekend! xo