September 4, 2009

Reading Underground...

I came across a great article in the New York Times that observes the reading ritual on subways of NYC.

"That man in a suit studying 'Rosetta Stone Level 3 Italian' on the No. 2 train must be preparing to meet his fiancĂ©e’s family in Tuscany. On the contrary, the man learning Italian, is a patent lawyer, with no imminent overseas travel plans, but aspirations. “Someday I want to visit Italy, so I’m studying,” he said. The woman reading a young-adult novel at 81st Street is probably a teacher preparing for class. Not so, she worked in a bookstore once and developed a love of teen genre books with a dark twisted plot"

Isn't it funny that the story lines we imagine in our head when we are gazing at strangers are so far fetched? I am enjoying reading the paper on my short morning commute lately, in my attempt to keep up with the world! If you haven't finished our summer reading list, take another glance. {image via you are my fave}

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