September 15, 2009

A Visit to Birthday's Past...

Memory lane leads us down the road of my past birthday's to inspire your own celebrations to come. I think people get overwhelmed with the idea of planning, but whether you have a small dinner with friends at home, throw a big party or jet off with someone special on a weekend adventure, make it count.

~The highlight of my mid 20s celebrations was a Havana Nights' theme with ruffles and stilleto's required (even the men sported a ruffle here and there with hilarious tuxedo flare) at Harry's Bar in San Francisco.

~A year later I was fly-fishing and hiking in Sun Valley, steak at the Pioneer and beers at Grumpy's were the perfect cap to daily outdoor excursions.

~For 29, girlfriends gathered at a dinner party hosted by my lovely cousin who is a secret master chef in the kitchen. We wrapped up dinner with lavish gifts and homemade creme brulee by the fireplace. That weekend drove off to the beautiful landscape of Pebble Beach and Big Sur.

~30 was a favorite. On my actual birthday I went suprise camping at a spot under the Golden Gate bridge; red wine, goodies from whole foods, backgammon and a cozy tent made for a perfect sunset. The following night friends gathered at Americano's outside deck on the Embarcadero where we drank champagne, enjoyed the Indian Summer sun of fall in San Francisco and ate Tiramisu. The weekend was spent hiking in the hills and lounging on beaches of Santa Barbara.

~Last year. When I moved to New York I wanted to take a little of the California feel with me, so I organized a limo to take friends to North Fork in Long Island to tour the wineries. It was a gorgeous day spent picnicing in the vineyards. That night my friend and I shared the spotlight for our birthdays and rented the new Lower East Sider favorite, Chloe 81 for a late night cocktail and dancing soiree that goes down on the books.

~This one (age to remain a blank) falls on a Sunday and will bring friends together on at the rooftop garden of Bobo in the west village for an afternoon of cupcakes and cocktails. Older & wiser?

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Adriana said...

I'm totally loving how you've made each year count and not just 'let it pass'. I think the rooftop soiree this year is the icing on the cake, i love the idea