January 12, 2010

Fondue Dens of Manhattan...

There is something so low-maintenence (in a good way) about going to a fondue restaurant, it's about the easiest thing to order - 'I'll have a pot of cheese and a pot of chocolate' - simple. Attempting in your own kitchen may require a bit more attention, and a strong arm for cheese grating and stirring. My roommates and I used to have fondue night in SF and I'm having a craving. So here are the local dens to explore in NYC.

The Bourgeois Pig ~ East Village fave with savory and sweet fondue & elaborate wine cocktail list.

The Jakewalk ~ this Brooklyn wine bar is known for great flights of wines, fondue and other yummy dishes.

La Cave des Fondus ~ downstairs from Jacques in Nolita, this cave serves up cheap wine (served in baby bottles, that's a first!) & hot cheese.


Cassimus T. said...

that looks amazing....I adore fondue so so much! We just made the hour and a half drive to The Melting Pot last weekend..and although its not as fun asd cozy as these places..it is our absolute favorite place to eat. it never EVER dissapoints! maybe it is because we do most of the cooking ;)

Destination Inspiration said...

Do you know..I've never had cheese fondue! I've had the chocolate fondue fountains at parties or buffets, but never, ever, have I had a fonue pot..and never ever have I tried the cheese ones..I feel I'm missing something big here..