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January 15, 2010

Icey Blue...

Cool blues make this bedroom glamorous and beautiful. {image via dress design decor}


Anonymous said...

a good thing you repeated the name of the blog twice, because the first time i typed "where the sidewalk ends," and that girl had just spent the weekend at the london lesbian film festival which, my dear, just did not quite sound like you.

although, bratwurst. adventurous choice.

love the blog. you're fantastic.

alexa c.

Sarah Jane said...

that's hilarious. i did not know i attended a lesbian film fest;)

glad you found the blog! so fun meeting you at the diner. i should have introduced myself to alexa chung on our exit!

i'm sure she'll be swinging through murray hill next of course, it's such an up and coming neighborhood. haha.

have a fabulous weekend!!