March 22, 2010

Guest Blogger: Sarah from Haute Design!

Sarah is here, from Haute Design - talking Collectibles.

What gives personality to a home?

Is it the china pattern you picked out from a catalogue or the pieces that you have carefully chosen and collected over the past ten years? I find it’s the little details, the small, beautiful things that make a house a home, and demonstrate the inhabitants’ passions, interests and personality. Perhaps they are tokens of memories; things that you find special, or just gifts that you were given.

My eye is ever-evolving and refining, but, in truth, I find that over the years, the things that catch my attention have not changed so much…I still love the antique, hay stuffed, embroidered Louis chair that I selected at just thirteen years old. It sat in a castle in Europe before it sat in my bedroom. I love knowing that there’s a story or two about it, and often wonder who selected it, who sat in it, and where it was placed…

Below I have listed some things that I have collected over the years.

1. Books and Magazines – my source for inspiration and eye candy. The collection is vast and growing as my passions and interests develop. {image via tumblr}

2.  Notebooks – I have so many notebooks, from simple, blank pages with a paper cover to leather-bound ones with exquisite paper. I keep daily lists, and use them to jot down ideas or just things that I want to accomplish. I have a serious love for the texture and feel of paper. {image via Garance Dore}

3.  Ribbons – I adore ribbons! For presents, added to jewelry and even shoes. Sometimes I purchase them just to have them - to be able to look at them. I have some vintage ribbons from France, still on their original spools that go untouched. {image via Cherry Blossom Girl}

4. Printed Materials – I save beautiful ads for inspiration or just for artistic purposes…sometimes, I even frame them. I have a simple black frame and a sheet of glass that I use to interchange different ads or magazine pages. I use colored tape to hold the torn sheets in place. {image via the English Muse}

5. Printed Promo Materials + Postcards – from fashion brands and home décor, to places I visit. I save catalogues, postcards, and business cards from travels or just things I find beautiful. {image via flickr}

6. Antique Keys – There is something so mysterious about keys, isn’t there? I think that’s the reason I’m so drawn to them. My obsession began after watching “The Secret Garden” as a child. I hang them on the Christmas trees, or off things, tucked in cups, etc.

7. Vases. I love simple milk glass vases, clear glass, time worn metallic vases, and colored glass vases. My favorite glassware designer is Henry Dean. His organic shapes and color range is spectacular. {image via this is glamorous}

8. Teacups. My obsession began when I was just 10, I believe…I have since grown quite a collection of vintage, antique, and new…each with a bit of a story. I use them for coffee, tea, yogurt and fruit, ice cream, anything! {image via my kindgom of pretty}

9. Textiles. ( new, vintage and antique ) {image via flickr}

10. Pretty packaging. I just can’t help myself…from Laduree boxes and bags to cosmetics. I display and use pretty packages throughout my space. I am constantly re-purposing them and styling them in different ways. (I love designing packaging, too!) {image via Paul & Joe}


Jacquelyn said...

wonderful post...

Fern and Feather said...

oh I love your favorites... we would have a lot to discuss ;).

Destination Inspiration said...

Great list Sarah, I too adore lovely vases