March 26, 2010

Happy Friday + Thank you...

Whirlwind! This past week was a bit of a haze, the red-eye flight back to NYC on a Monday can set you back a few days, but my trip out west was beyond worth it. I got to hike in Mill Valley, walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, lunch in Santa Monica, take coastal drives, have dinner with friends and family and meet new additions. To all who hosted and even met up briefly, love you;) It was such a treat. My big Thank You is to all of my March Guest Bloggers, I hope everyone enjoyed reading different posts, I was so lucky to have 8 lovely ladies join me on Walking Around and share their favorite things. Thank you Keely, Sarah, Adriana, Tina, Simone, Erin, Sharalee & Alexis. Have a beautiful weekend. xo {image vie blue chair diary}

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