April 19, 2010

A Few Things...

That make me happy...

...this bedroom wallpapered with photos. So sweet. {image via plush palate}

...big open entryways. {image via la boom}

...little bistro tables and chairs on the sidewalk. {image via left bank}

...dreamers, who dream big. {image via thresca}

...pink beach cruisers that make me want to ride the coastal paths of California. {image via you are my fave}


...hanging lanterns and romantic dinners for two. {image via the bottom of the ironing basket}


...painted consoles styled with prints, plants and oversized lamp. {image via lonny}

...out of town visitors trekking to Manhattan this week to play. Yay! {images via all the best}

...panoramic views and endless seascapes. {image via aubrey road}


Mo said...

Those cruiser bikes make me happy too...I plan on riding one around in the napa area during my wedding week! Also love the picture wallpaper and the lanterns and table for two!

blydesign said...

those hitchhikers are hilarious!

capperson said...

I love that first room!!

Sarah Jane said...

napa area wedding, that sounds like heaven Mo!

I think those hitchhikers are hilarious too - these were all images I was just waiting to share:) thanks for your comments. xoxo

Destination Inspiration said...

Ooh I love the pink bike cruisers, definitely fun in the summer sun on one of those!