September 9, 2010

Roque Island 2010...

Labor Day was one of the highlights this summer. I thought I'd share pics from our weekend adventure on Roque Island. 
Hurricane Earl tried to keep us away...

And made for a rainy boat trip when we landed in Maine.

We were prepared with our list and played supermarket sweeps when picking up all the groceries for the weekend's gourmet meals!

We made it to beautiful Roque Island and felt like we were immediately transported to heaven.

We hiked all afternoon, and when we reached top and looped around to another part of the island, we could see our house from across the water.

The paths were beautiful and covered in green moss.

We rode horses through the forest.

And then enjoyed a sunset cruise around the island.

It was perfectly calm waters in the harbor.

Waking up to the sunrise was amazing.

And the sheep came down every morning to say hello...or very loudly baaaaaaaaa;)

We packed up the red truck and headed to Great Beach for a Lobster Bake.

Loving every minute of sunshine and sand.

The boys were proud of their fire.

And the girls were proud of their chilled wine and champagne;)

And the lobsters cooked while we lazed and played games that had us laughing through the night.

And then S'mores of course!

Giving the hostess a thank you hug!

And saying goodbye to the island till next year!


Raj said...

This looks so beautiful!
Sounds like you had so much fun
Fantastic pictures

EMILY said...

Um. You could be a walking testimonial for vacation off the coast of Maine. What brilliant photos- it looked like such a fun weekend! Sigh. Missing New England. x Emily

Sarah Engel said...

thank you girls! new england summers are so beautiful! i feel lucky, but it is also rare that i get out and do these types of things, nyc does not allow for much in outdoor adventures;) have a great weekend!! xo

Helen said...

Oh my gosh! I have an obsession with the New England coast (though I have sadly NEVER been!). I am forever trying to figure out the perfect place on this Earth and I feel it must be New England somewhere. Well, this is my idea of Heaven! Thanks for the gorgeous pics!