November 17, 2010

Apartment Wishlist - Series I: Hints of Gold...

As I move to my new home in Chicago (a week from tomorrow - ahhh!) I have been searching for a few unique items to make it stylish. Here are a few gold accents on my wishlist. 

Scotch + Gin Decanters from Etsy (I'm now the proud owner of these vintage decanters)
Stormy Nut Bowls from Anthropologie 
Screen Prints by Workshop UK


Mo Pie, Please said...

How fun! I love getting new decorations when I move, it's one of the best parts! Enjoy Chicago! What neighborhood did you end up picking?! (I think I might be out of hte loop and if I just spent some time on here i could probably find the answer, right?!)

johnson said...

beautiful decorations

- wauwatosa apartments

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're moving to Chicago! That's fabulous! I miss it so much... I hope you love it! Best wishes and good luck!

Love the decanters... I've held fast to a bunch of my grandfather's old barware with some excellent gilt action on it. (Golden golf clubs, no less.)


Sarah Jane said...

Thanks ladies:) For all the well wishes! I'm excited for the move - I chose Lincoln Park. It's a lovely spot with a view. You get a lot more there for space than you do in NYC! I am in love with the decanters, I think I might have to start a collection. Cary, do you have pics?