January 14, 2011

Happy Friday...

I'm craving a beach day. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'm excited that it's a 3-day-er. Woohoo. {image via love more


SisterBatik said...

Us too!!

It has just started pelting rain here in the UK, and car alarms are being set-off by the forbidding thunder. The grey clouds cling to rooftops.

But hoorahh - long weekend in the US!

We were drawn to your blog by it's title and glad that we did.

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We use a vibrant Dutch wax print textile to create our own brand of ecclectic pillows - and also muse about starting out as independent creatives.

Thank you

SisterBatik xx

Raji said...

How lovely
This makes me want to go to gather all my friends, head to a beach and stay there!

little t said...

Im craving a beach day too... maybe cos we won't have one in Ireland for about 5 months at least.

You lucky things over that side of the pond with your 3 day weekends. Im working today :(

Cybelle e Fabi said...

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xox Cybelle & Fabi

s|c|s|d said...

Hope you're enjoying your day off ... here's another something to enjoy!

Congrats, you've won!