March 28, 2011

Spring Menu in Jackson...

I didn't take any pictures of Sunday eve dinner this weekend. But I captured a few hazy shots on the mountain {here}. Jackson was one of the most challenging unpredictable terrains I have ever skied! Our group was mostly expert level, and 2 people even ventured to ski the infamous Corbet's Coulier chute. After blazing down Larame bowl, my friend dislocated his shoulder so we snowshoed Sunday morning. It was not for the faint, we got into some extreme areas at about 7,500ft elevation, hiking for hours. It felt amazing and exciting! Afterwards we all got relaxing messages at our cabin and I cooked up dinner for 10 friends. It takes an hour or two prep but I was lucky to have a few sous chef's helping, Enjoy!



Lily said...

Beautiful photo...sounds like a fun trip and the dinner sounds delish !


audrey marie said...

i love ina's brussel sprouts! sounds like such a fun trip!

Gayatri Kumar said...

Oh wow! That is soo beautiful! Captured so beautifully as well.

xx G

Look who's Wearing (LwW)

lauren said...

Omg, snow shoeing is SO hard! Gorgeous pictures!
xoxo Lauren

Raji said...

That view is breath taking
Dinner sounds absolutely delicious!