May 9, 2011

A Few Things...

A long hallway to a beautiful breakfast table! 

A beautiful colorful necklace

Warm days ahead, I can feel the summer sun and taste the salty air, there is a trip to east coast beaches in my future. 

The most perfect and chic open bungalow living I just have to find out where it is so I can lounge here!

Pretty summer heels.

Draw your own map, write your own story! And listen to a little Fleetwood Mac on the way. 

Tiramisu pancakes...omg.

Just some Monday musings after the weekend.  Enjoy! {images via pinterest, tumblr, i'm just sayin}


Linh said...

Definitely looking forward to warmer days (and a vacation soon I hope!), dreaming about those fabulous shoes, and what the heck is that delicious layered confection? Never had tiramisu pancakes but that looks delish!

Lily said...

The gray and white floor is amazing !!! And that necklace is beautiful !


audrey marie said...

great inspiration! i think you can get pancakes like that at bongo room - so delic :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the grey and white floor in the kitchen, it's fab!