June 21, 2011

Guest Post: Summer Destinations ~ Sage + Style...

So excited to have Taryn visiting today from Sage + Style - I'm always in awe of her beautiful blog!


Destination: Traverse City, Michigan for the Traverse City Film Festival

To me, there’s nothing that speaks of summer so much as a trip to Northern Michigan's Traverse City. A must do for any Midwesterner; this gorgeous lakeside town is full of city action, natural beauty and a bevvy of delectable gourmet influences that range from restaurants and bakeries to local, award-winning wineries. It’s also home to the Traverse City Film Festival, which was begun in 2005 as "a way to save one of America’s few indigenous art forms—the cinema.” 

Founded by Michael Moore (Oscar winner and documentary genius,) the festival boasts a variety of events, performances and films —this year’s lineup will be announced on July 8th and is as close to Sundance in the Midwest as you can get. That's why I'll be packing plenty of laid-back "auteur" accessories, at least one fantastic fedora, retro sunglasses, a large, light handbag and loads of bright color! After all, this casual lakeside town begs for a summer-time airiness that doesn't include the requisite festival black.

1.  Theory silk ruffled top / Stylebop. 2.  Green Seven Eighths skinny trouser / TopShop 3.  Karen Walker number 6 sunglasses / LaGarconne 4.  Tabby cloche hat / Anthropologie 5.  Film festival survival guide / ChrisGoresLovespray @ Etsy 6.  Gwendoyln tote / Tory Burch 7. Mother-of-pearl April bracelet / Gemma Redux 8. DV by Dolve Vita Marci sandal / Lori's Shoes


jillian m. said...

These are some really fantastic picks for the summer.

I'm especially loving those green pants. The zipper detail is really cool. And I've had my eyes on bright jeans/pants lately for a while now. Now if I could just find me a pair...

ashley @ a {little} dash of ash said...

I love this post! Also, love the green pants. Heading over to her blog now :) Happy first day of summer!

{SUMMER GIVEAWAY at a {little} dash of ash}

MG said...

oh I love the theory top! totally heading to her bloggy!!!

Linh said...

I need those green skinny pants and that bag :)

Lily said...

Love the sandals and the bag !!