August 29, 2011

Falling For...

With every season comes a new perspective...and a new series on the blog. I'll be asking bloggers to share what their top 5 fall favorites are, from fashion to destinations, recipes, home decor and more. It's less about the 'trend' and more about what floats your boat. What are you currently falling for this fall...? 

My Top 10:
Boots...There are a few pairs of boots that I have my eye on this season, from the back of the bike motorcycle boot to, low ankle booties for date night, I must save up for these kicks.
Vintage...I have loved the Randolph Street Market this summer and stores in Andersonville, but rarely found time, I am going to be on the hunt for a few home items this season and can't wait to dive back into strolling shops nearby. Currently coveting vintage letters and just spotted this one last weekend. R for Reilly;)
Baking...Summer months always inspire me to grill and mix up fresh cool cocktails with ingredients like mint leaves and ginger. Fall is the beginning of  that crisp feeling in the air that makes me want to bake pies, casseroles, and serve up warm coffee + cider drinks with homemade donuts
Football...Not only do I adore watching the game. I like to wind up and get my wicked tight spiral on. Every year I threw together the Turkey Bowl (in Sf and NYC), a tailgate picnic in the park with food, drinks and a friendly competitive game of pigskin. Should I try to kick this off in Chicago?
Sweaters...can't wait to color coordinate my stack of sweaters and throw them over cute tops with jeans this fall. It's my all time favorite season to dress, you don't have too little on, or too much, it's right in the middle of comfort and chic. Stay tuned for my current picks.
Music...This is always on my list, also different than the summer theme of going to parks and outdoor venues. I will be seeking local shows that are quaint and off the beaten path. Like Fleet Foxes (9/30) and Foster the People (10/5). And perhaps even venturing to make a few new playlists. *Miss Moss + Destined to Design always have a little music mix inspiration.
Road Trips...It's the perfect time of year to pick a spot nearby on a lake or farm to have an overnight rustic retreat.
Birthday...Well, let it be known that about a decade ago, I decided to LOVE my birthday, and ever since I make sure to have a fun little gathering with friends and maybe even a trip. It's a benchmark bday this year, so I'm off to Vegas for a weekend in September. Danielle's bday month is September too, and we'll be having some things in store for readers to help celebrate. 
TV Time Out...I happily log very little couch time in the summer months, why watch the tube when you can watch the sunset from your balcony on a beautiful night? Also, there's not much to entertain. But when the fall comes, so does some good tv time. 
Sightseeing + Culture...It's too chilly for a picnic, but not to hop on a bike and tour the city, or venture to the museum now that you don't have to feel guilty for missing the hours of sunshine during a summer day. I have yet to explore much of this cities sights and culture, so for my first fall, I need to get out my Chicago guide and be a tourist.


Jen said...

As soon as September rolls around, I start getting really excited for autumn -- it's the absolute best time of the year! Love your top 10 list. I think I could make a super long list of things I love about fall, and it would surely include anything pumpkin!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous post!!

I have been on the beach in the very hot south of France for 3 blissful weeks now but just today I started to let my mind wander to winter boots, autumn knits, walks on Hampstead Heath, bowls of hot soup with chunky French favourite season is just round the corner, yippee!! :)

Danielle Moss said...

happy almost birthday to us!!! xo

Amy said...

I am loving your list, especially the road trips. Nothing like the open road, good friends and endless conversations to get the season started.

For me, I am falling in love with big cities. I am doing a number of flights this season, for work and for business and can't wait to catch the sights and sounds of what this country has to offer. Plus, 4 seasons!

Lily said...

Sounds like a fun Fall ! I am getting slightly excited but know I will miss Summer as soon as it really turns into Fall !!


Susan said...

I'm with you! I want pumpkin lattes and pumpkin cake...and pulling out the sweaters! It'll be nice! Love your list Sarah!

audrey marie said...

turkey bowl is a MUST

Sarah said...

LOVE your blog!! Fall is my favorite season and I can't wait for the beautiful colors (including clothing!) and cooler temps. I also love that it seems to be a time when not just the weather chills out - but everything kind of gets calm and more mellow :)

Great post!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

mmm donuts YES! i love this list and im excited for fall :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

casey at loft and cottage said...

Love your list. There's nothing better than fall road trips--and coming home with fresh warm cider donuts!

Unknown said...

Love this! Reading your list makes me super excited for cooler weather. Especially the cider and donuts, mmm! Also, can't wait to wander around the city in a cozy sweater. Excited for this new feature!