January 10, 2012

Travel 2012...

We sat down with the calendar this weekend and starting planning travel for 2012. Weddings, birthday celebrations, a few trips with family, getaways with the bf, skiing, wine tasting, visiting friends. Travel is one of my favorite things to do. In fact, more than once a month, I admit, I buy a lottery ticket, hoping I may have a shot (ha!) - because isn't fun to think of what your dream destinations would be, with no limit of time and expense? Ah well, just a few days of vacation from work - but we enjoy them to the fullest! Any upcoming trips for you all? I plan to share details and dish on what to do in each locale. {images via pinterest}


Unknown said...

Oh, I hear you....I am dying to book a trip! I have so many ideas and plans....and have browsed the airline schedules more than once this month :)

Your plans sound wonderful, enjoy! X

Liz said...

Are those all the places you're going?? Looks wonderful!!

Traveling is my absolute favorite thing in the world, and since moving to Europe with my husband we've been doing a lot of it. Our goal is to go to at least one place per month. So far for 2012 we have Berlin, Barcelona, Mallorca, Amalfi Coast and Santorini planned, but there's sure to be many more :)

katie carlin said...

Sounds like a fun year ahead! One of my good friends lives in Healdsburg and it sounds beautiful! I hope you had a blast in Mexico!! Planning another visit out to Chicago with friends soon!!

xoxo  Katie Carlin-Daily Crush

Kirby said...

Can't wait to hear about all of your travels!

The beau and I have a trip to Hawaii planned in March and I cannot wait!


Jackie said...

I hope, hope to go somewhere this year (dream-Paris). Can't wait to see where you visit and all the great things you find in each place! (Especially NYC-that's where I live :)