February 22, 2012

Fly Me to the Moon...

Here's a pic of the bf and I at No Name Saloon in Park City this past weekend. I'm back in Chicago-land after a lovely long weekend. It was heaven to spend time with family and hit the slopes. We did 3 half-dayers. 

On the flight back I started mapping out our next destinations, weddings, more weddings, bachelorette parties, summer vacation. And let me tell you plane tickets are not cheap:( I miss the days when you could easily get a free voucher on Southwest or even an early bird special for $99 - I'd settle for $199 these days. At this rate I think it's cheaper to fly to the moon. Any tips on finding low fares?


Audrey said...

I know!! Flights are getting to be so expensive! I'm considering getting a credit card where I can earn miles...I'm quite the travel bug myself!

xo Audrey

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous picture of you and Andy.


katie carlin said...

what a cute picture of you two! sounds like you had a blast : )

and ugh..traveling is so much more expensive now. i always check kayak but other than that I have no tips.

xoxo  Katie Carlin-Daily Crush

Erin said...

i use www.airfarewatchdog.com and sign up for the alerts I need. I'm also from Chicago and my sister lives in LA and I have family in PHX so I set up ORD to LAX & PHX. I find cheap airfare all the time!!! Oh, and I've had great luck on Virgin Air to LA.

Floral and Fauna said...

you're absolutely stunning! I hate how expensive flights are now!! :(