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March 28, 2012

A Few Things...

Lovely flowers. 


Dying to make this cinnamon swirl bread

Adore this cute office space. 

It's picnic season! The bf picked me up from work last week for our first one this year. Heaven. 

LOVE {and need} these shoes, and rolled up army green cargo pants. 

Beautiful digital art print. 

Just a few inspirational images for hump day:) Tomorrow stick with me for what I'm packing for this weekend in Miami! xo {images via tumblr, pinterest}


Thread. The. Needle said...

ahh a picnic sounds perfect- have you ever been to Ravinia?


Melissa Blake said...

oh, i love that quote!!

Be Inspired said...

Such beautiful inspiration and a lovley blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nuha said...

that quote is perfect..and i love that your bf picked you up for a picnic..how sweet!


Marlena said...

Eleanor's quote (check me out talking like me and her are old buds) really boosted me up right now, thanks for that :)

Also, picnic with bf sounds adorable, I wonder if I can trick mine to take me haha.

Hannah said...

The cinnamon bread looks amazing!

sabrina said...

Please tell me where I can get those fabulous brown suede gold- heeled heels!

Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful images!!! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

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