November 1, 2012

Welcome Back...

I'm so excited to be back! It was much needed break. I decided to hit the 'refresh' button over the spring and summer. I wanted to focus on enjoying my days without hunkering down with my laptop and pushing myself to come up with topic after topic, that felt more like a task, then a source of inspiration. It was a natural progression, after 4 plus years of blogging, to hit a dead end and wonder, what will I blog about? When I started this blog, I had a journey in mind. Pursue a career that I love and have a creative outlet that can foster memories, connections, and inspiration. 

It led me to a great job, and I worked from 2010, until June of this year for a fantastic company, I moved to Chicago, went from working at home alone, to an office of 7 people who I loved being with everyday. And we grew - from a team of 15, quickly to a 200 person company (give or take a few). With that growth, came the realization that I was in a satellite office, with little room to move up or take on more responsibility. I became intent on seeking other opportunities that would allow me to continue learning, that would challenge me and that required constant creativity and problem solving.

I found it...a former colleague introduced me to two brilliant women last winter, and although it took me a few months to be 'ready' for change, I have embraced this new job, my role, and the many hats that I wear, as if it were my own company. It's month 3! And, one thing I know about myself after years of working at technology companies, is that I have 'startup' in my DNA. I love my new role, and all of the hats that you have to wear in the beginning phases of growing something from the ground up. If I were to base my title on my daily activities it would read something like this: Vice President of Sales-Marketing Exec-Fund Raiser-Writer-Operations Manager- Recruiter-PR Liaison-Social Media Engagement Specialist-Digital Strategist-Ad-hoc Wire Frame Designer...and the list goes on, you get the picture;) I feel lucky in that I had a choice of jobs, when it came down to it - but that was difficult because it posed an option, two roads...and if anyone who knows me is reading that, it was a blessing and a curse - because I did not want to disappoint anyone. When it came down to choosing the job for me, I had already narrowed it down to 2 great companies that were innovative and hit many other positive points. I had to pair it down and make a decision that I knew would make me happy week one, and week 10,001. My final requirements were; company needs to be based in Chicago (check), there must be room to grow (check), and I need to see myself working with these people day in and day out, on planes, in hotel rooms, working late nights, on weekends at Whole Foods, basically work with easy going smart and fun people (check). Curious what this new company is...? It's called Blueye. Started, and run by women, we do web, mobile and social development for brands. I work on the social platform side of the business. All the jobs I have had, they led me here...every skill and random thing I learned along the way, I brought it with me, and finally - being a Jane of all trades, it paid off.

So that's the big update on the job front, the other little tidbit is that I got engaged earlier this summer. It is a wonderful time;) Although, it is no easy task planning a wedding from Chicago that will take place in Newport, RI. I am lucky to have amazing resources like Etsy and Pinterest to help me create a vision, and you will be hearing about details along the way.

Lastly, what's to come on this new blog venture? I have a different vision/need for what I would like this blog to be, as we head closer to a new year, I will be transforming it from subject matter, down to the design. It won't change drastically...but I have a lovely designer working on a new layout that will go live next week, and I couldn't be more excited to share the clean looking new design! I also am at a different stage in life and it will reflect my desire to inspire, and also learn and grow. Here is a sneak peak to what topics I'll be delving into: 


  • Shopping Guides (just in time for the holidays)! 
  • Inspiration (looks I love, styles and trends) 
  • Budget Friendly looks (where to buy)

Interior Design: 

  • Inspiration (For design inside and out)
  • Resources & How-To's
  • Reviews on Products for the home


  • Inspiration & Resources
  • Parties & Weddings


  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Healthy Eating
  • It's time to get personal, I want to dig a little deeper and cover topics like work, relationships, and health 
  • Hotels, Restaurants and City Guides 

Sound like I'm covering a lot, I really didn't narrow it down did I? Ha. This blog was and always will be a 'lifestyle' blog, I think it is far more interesting (to me) to cover life's adventures in every aspect. I'm excited to begin a new chapter here. Thanks for visiting again. More to come!



christin said...

welcome back!!! so excited to see what the future holds for you and this blog! xo

Anonymous said...

Welcome back lady! Can't wait to read all about your new path.

Amy K said...

Great blog. Would you like to follow each other?

Much Love,

Fern and Feather said...

love it... the new look is awesome and can't wait to read more! oxoxo

Shanelé said...

I just randomly clicked on your blog today (like i've done pretty much every week since you stopped) and what to my wondering eyes should appear!?!?! I thought I was hallucinating hah (it's been a long day)!

So, so (so) happy you're back...Congrats on your engagement and new job. Can't wait to keep up to date on both via the blog! Settling in now to catch up on all your new posts!


Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! Your blog has always been one of my favorites!