February 8, 2013

{Happy Friday}

Happiness! I am home. This was a crazy week, back to back meetings in New York with my two blondie co-workers. We dined with advisors, our pr company and I snuck away for a quickie dinner with friends uptown. I love NY, and it's a whole new world there from 3pm-7pm now that there is Uber service. Living there I was always frustrated with the lack of cabs situation! One thing that was a constant disappointment is Apple products do not get you through the day. I have an iPhone and a Mac - these have a battery life of about 3-4 hours each. You get on the plane, you work, you land, your computer is dead, you go to a meeting, you crawl under the table to plug in your computer - it charges for 30 minutes, and it dies again in 30 minutes. You go to Starbucks and Argo Tea's to power up - but plugs are few and far between, and so are seats for that matter. Thankfully we perched up between meetings at the Ace Hotel lobby, when you order food and coffee they dole out free wireless. It's spotty, but I'll take the access to an outlet at the very least. My point - Apple, please make 12 hr. battery life on laptops;) All that said, we got out on the last flight before snowmageddon strikes the east coast. I'm happy to be back with my hubbies, and have my niece come in for some winter fun this weekend. Hope you all have a great one, stay safe - it's a bit icy out there! {image}

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