March 12, 2013

{Spring Forward}

Wow, this spring forward thing has be reliant on coffee and walking with my eyes shut into the shower...That's ok. There are far more positive benefits to this time of year. Any step closer to the grand finale of winter, is good with me!

I've been a busy bee lately with work. My new sales person started and she is amazing. Such a pleasure to train and mentor. And I have a few trips on the horizon. Orlando for work, SF for work and Cabo for some sun and fun. Probably another trip to NYC any moment, I might just have to make that a monthly stop for work and you don't have to twist my arm, I love it there and miss all my great girlfriends from coast to coast.

This time of year I get the itch to travel, spring clean, refresh the wardrobe, work out, and take on new projects. (See list) Maybe it's the change of time, of change of seasons on the horizon. Maybe it's just because (besides a few less minutes of sleep) I thrive in change and look forward to anything new.

How about you?

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Emilia Jane said...

Love this list and now I'm off to make my own :-D