June 11, 2013


So true...our journeys are such a jungle gym of adventures, misadventures and many decisions. I love waking up and feeling like, I am exactly where I should be, but that is scarcely the case. I am someone who lives very much in past, present and future. So reminders, like this are particularly poignant. I have an appreciation for pausing to reflect on a feeling, and then dropping it, right there, into space, so that beautiful days, and moments can be experienced will full awareness. Today for instance, it is about 70 at the crack of dawn. That is heaven over here in Chicago. My husband and I were groggy, but slowly shuffled out of the apartment to go on a nice walk before the work day. Here we are, just the beginning of summer, it finally has arrived. Enjoy!

*pic via Note to Self


Marlen said...

this quote completely and absolutely captures me. i never know what i'm doing until it finally happens and i can reflect on it.

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Anonymous said...

great quote to think about!

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you like this quotation I made for my blog and that you are compelled to share it. I would really appreciate an attribution link in the future. Thank you so much!

PhD Jobs by Beatrice Burger said...

That quote is so very true. I think that is what makes most of the journeys into adventures. I think that this is great that you are getting into better exercise routines.


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