February 11, 2008

A band of the world...U2 captures 3D film

I've never had an experience quite like this...I sat for 85 minutes completely mesmerized and chilled. National Geographic produced the first live action concert movie. On tour with U2 across cities in Latin America, the energy was incredibly intense and theatrical. I've seen U2 live 4 or 5 times, in the last 15 years, never as close as this...It was a virtual experience at the IMAX theatre on Broadway in New York City. There are times it feels so close, you could reach out and touch Bono from your seat.

Which leads me to the popular question: What one living famous person would you choose to have lunch or dinner with...? My answer would be adamantly, Bono. Primarily because I am a music lover and secondarily, because as a political spokesperson and do-gooder, he is the true hero version of a rock star. He has corresponded with the Gap, Apple and other retailers to raise money and awareness for Project Red, the Global fund he co-created, to help women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Unfortunately and luckily at the same time, I'll just have to settle for the fact that I met him once, briefly upstairs at Socialista and that he said hello and kissed both cheeks while smiling through his 'literally' rose colored glasses. And that time I wasn’t wearing my 3D glasses.

My favorite songs in the film were One, Beautiful Day, In the Name of Love, The Fly and With or Without You. A few I wish he had played; Elevation, Walk On, Until the End of the World and Ultraviolet.

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