February 21, 2008

Gumball Rally 2008 is announced...

The movie Canonball Run, sparked a tradition across Europe and the U.S. In 2002, my brother and cousin-in-law partook in the infamous Gumball Rally, they rented a speedy car and drove from NY to LA, stopping at check points in DC, Nashville, Dallas, Santa Fe, Vegas and a few speeding tickets later, the rally ended at Heff's mansion.

This year, the "10th Anniversary World Tour" Gumball Rally 3000 will take place from August 8th-16th, and it puts the meaning of "Jet Set" on a whole new level... The route? Start your engines in San Francisco and cross the finish line in China. How do you drive to China? Well, 120 cars will drive from San Francisco starting point through LA, San Diego and reach Las Vegas, where the cars will be flown on 3 of the worlds largest Cargo Planes to Nanjing. From Nanjing participators will watch the Mass Games as part of a 'global friendship initiative'. Afterwards drivers will head north to Shanghai and then Xuzhou, before crossing the finish line in Beijing during the Olympic Games. The cost: £60 k per car (2 people) and includes - hotels, VIP parties in every city, airlifting car from US to China and tickets to the Olympics.

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