May 9, 2008

Rainy Day Movie...

Go see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it's Nicholas Stoller's 'romantic disaster comedy' - which is just a fantastic genre in it's own right. It was produced by the same team that did 40-year old Virgin and Knocked Up. When Jason Segal (Peter) gets suddenly dumped by his longtime television star girlfriend, he gets depressed and desperate to win Sarah back. To escape his sadness and the reminders, he heads off to Hawaii for a much-needed vacation, but discovers that Sarah and her new beau are staying at the same resort. Segel, who gets fully naked several times in the film, wrote the screenplay and is a loveable leading man. Reviews say this comedy is an outrageously funny yet touchingly sweet movie. Ditto.

On the movie's interactive website, get tips for how to get over being dumped, make your own tabloid and more. TGIF! And to the left - answer my poll!

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