December 31, 2008

New Year's in New York...

Spiked punch, brunch & rock & roll. What to do, what to do...avoid Times Square perhaps, that's the best bet.

Live Music: Good old Hall and Oats are playing tonight at the Mohegan Sun. If you're not into the 80s, MSG is hosting one of my favorite bands, My Morning Jacket and for a more calm and classical mix, the Philharmonic are performing in Lincoln Center.

Nightime: Hotel Gansevort - although pricey, is a beautiful location. Aspen Social , Kingswood, Barcibo, Bar & Books.

Brunch: I'm doing the Park Avenue Winter $35 prix fixe Champagne Brunch...Yay! You can also hit up, Norma's, Morandi, Five Points, Freemans, JG Melon's for a bloody bull & burger or Nero.


Happy New Year everyone! x

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