January 6, 2009

Create Your Own Cookbook...

This idea is brilliant, the easiest way to collect, organize, and share your favorite recipes so you can create and personalize your own cookbook! Taste Book was started by a group of food-loving, culinary junkies who aspire to become great cooks someday, they set out to create the perfect cookbook: with a personal touch - that reflects individual tastes, cultures, and culinary aspirations. You can add more recipes whenever you want and collaborate with friends. Not to mention, Taste book partnered with top chefs, cookbook authors, and some of the best recipe web sites, including Epicurious, Allrecipes, Food Network, and magazines such as Gourmet, Bon App├ętit, Cooking Light, Oxmoor House, Sunset, Southern Living, and Coastal Living. And then they took it one step further and paired up with cookbook authors, editors, and bloggers (aka "Guest TasteMakers"). I'm already inspired, to create one for the infamous San Francisco Girls Cooking club that I was a part of for 3+ years and continues on...that would be a fun collection of tastiness.

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