February 12, 2009

Generation G...

The latest Trendwatching Brief called Generation G is brilliant. Their manifesto captures the growing importance of 'generosity' as a leading societal and business mindset. "As consumers are disgusted with greed and its current dire consequences for the economy—and while that same upheaval has them longing more than ever for institutions that care—the need for more generosity beautifully coincides with the ongoing (and pre-recession) emergence of an online-fueled culture of individuals who share, give, engage, create and collaborate in large numbers. In fact, for many, sharing a passion and receiving recognition have replaced 'taking' as the new status symbol. Businesses should follow this societal/behavioral shift, however much it may oppose their decades-old devotion to me, myself and I.”

Yay, I'm so on board. Many times I wish that the thought leaders of our country were more creative.

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